How to set goals in learning a language

How to set goals in learning a language

What is a starting point in learning a language? Setting a goal, of course! Today I’d like to help you set it properly in order to achieve it when you expect and make it the way you plan.

You just need to ask yourself 3 main questions. They'll let you set a realistic goal and make a plan to get it. So, take your notebook and answer the following questions!

What do I need this language for?

You. Not your boss, your friends or someone else. I mean it! Maybe your dream is to set up a company with foreign colleagues, enroll in a course in another language or find new friends abroad.

How do I move forward to my goal?

Think of how exactly you are going to achieve your big goal. What concrete actions do you need to perform? Then put down all steps of your plan. Will you study on your own or with a tutor? Will it be a native speaker or not? How soon and where do you need to find friends among native speakers to practise? And what about materials?

How do I make sure that my goal is achieved?

Decide on the point which indicates that the goal is already achieved. For example, you will pass an international language exam and get a fixed number of points. Or you’ll enter a university. Or you’ll come abroad and fluently communicate with people there.

As someone nicely said: work hard, but dream big. For me, it means setting realistic goals but dreaming globally. When you make a goal out of a dream, you see concrete steps of a clear plan. Don’t forget to put your goals down and reread them regularly to remind yourself of your way. Be ready that success doesn’t come at once, it depends on how much time and energy you invest in your studies and practice.

Here’s the example of how you can put down your goal.

“I will have successfully passed IELTS with __X__ points by __X__ (month/year). I am going to study for it __X__ hours a week with a tutor. I will also find native speakers on the site __X__ to practise speaking __X__ times a week.”

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If you add it to your notebook, consider it done!

So, what are you learning a language for? Share in the comments below!

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