Тест: английские слова (a) little vs. (a) few

Тест: английские слова (a) little vs. (a) few

Английские слова (a) little и (a) few, которые являются определениями к существительным, часто путают между собой. В чем же разница?

  1. Little и a little используются с неисчисляемыми существительными, а вот few и a few, напротив, с исчисляемыми.
  2. A little и a few означают небольшое, но достаточное количество. В свою очередь little и few означают малое, то есть недостаточное количество.

Проверьте себя!

I have _____ good friends. I'm not lonely.
He has _____ education. He can't read or write and he can hardly count.
Luckily, we have _____ problems.
There are only _____ people she really trusts. It's a bit sad.
There's _____ spaghetti left. Shall we eat it tonight?
Do you need information on English grammar? I have _____ books on the topic.
He has _____ free time. He hardly even manages to sleep properly.
Are you thirsty? There's _____ juice left in the fridge.
There're only _____ programs on TV that I want to watch.
London has _____ sunshine in the winter. That's why so many British people go on holiday to sunny places.
_____ children from this school go on to university, unfortunately.
Julie gave us _____ apples from her garden. We can share them with you.
I've got _____ cakes to give away. Would you like one?
We've got _____ time at the weekend. Would you like to meet?
It's a great pity, but that hospital has _____ medicine. They can't help many people.

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