Тест: степени сравнения английских прилагательных

Тест: степени сравнения английских прилагательных

Английские прилагательные имеют три формы при сравнении: положительная степень (the positive degree), сравнительная степень (the comparative degree) и превосходная степень (the superlative degree). При этом, прилагательное нужно ставить перед существительным, которое оно определяет.

Если вам необходимо повторить тему, прочитайте статью Степени сравнения прилагательных в английском, изучите примеры, а затем возвращайтесь к тесту.

Lucy is _____ (old) than Katie.
My dog is _____ (large) of all the dogs in the city.
I am _____ (good) student in my class.
Our teacher is _____ (busy) than yours.
Is your father _____ (tall) than Mr. Jones?
Who is _____ (intelligent) student in the class?
This baby is _____ (quiet) than another one.
The book is _____ (interesting) than the film.
Kate lives further than Jane, but Ted leaves ____ (far).
This is _____ (comfortable) sofa I have ever seen!
Harry’s report is _____ (bad) in the whole school.
Are you _____ (happy) person in the world?
Today’s homework is _____ (easy) than yesterday’s task.
My brother is _____ (old) than me.
Is the red dress _____ (long) than the green one?
This summer is _____ (hot) in my life!
Jim is _____ (friendly) of all my colleagues.
Which Chinese course is _____ (good) than this one?
Living in Paris is _____ (bad) than in Hawaii.
Swimming and dancing are good things. But I like doing yoga _____ (many) of all.

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