Тест: английские неопределенные местоимения some, any, no

тест по местоимениям some, any, no

Неопределенные английские местоимения some, any, no нужны, чтобы обозначить небольшое число людей, животных, предметов, не называя их напрямую.

Если вам необходимо повторить тему, прочитайте статью Some, Any, No в английском языке, изучите примеры, а затем возвращайтесь к тесту.

Would you like _____ coffee?
There isn’t _____ flour in the cupboard.
Did you make _____ sandwiches for the picnic?
Do you know _____ good restaurants in Paris?
I watch _____ cartoons. I find them boring.
Would you like _____ more potatoes?
Are there _____ messages for me on the answer phone?
I read _____ really fascinating books last summer.
I bought _____ postcards in Paris.
Can you ask the waiter for _____ more wine, please?
You haven’t passed all of the exams, you’ve only passed _____ .
_____ people go out on Monday night. The roads are almost empty.
I like to drink _____ lemon juice before I have breakfast.
Can I take _____ pieces of paper, please?
I want to make orange juice. Have you got _____ oranges?

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