Guess English Idioms: тест по английским идиомам

Guess English Idioms: тест по английским идиомам

Идиомы - важная часть разговорного английского языка. С помощью теста Guess English Idioms вы сможете пополнить ими словарный запас и тем самым еще на шаг приблизиться к пониманию носителей языка. В тесте 8 вопросов, а также много игры слов. Good luck!

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Why can't you play jokes on snakes?
When is an actor happy to become a thief?
- My mother made a terrible mistake today. She gave my father soapflakes instead of cornflakes for breakfast. - Was he angry?
Why is it impossible to play tennis quietly?
How could you help a starving cannibal?
When does a patient find an operation funny?
- Do you know what the Eskimo girl did to her boyfriend? - What?
What did one angry skeleton say to the other?
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