Тест: выбираем правильную форму глагола "CAN"

тест на знание форм глагола to be

Модальный глагол CAN означает "уметь", "мочь". Он обозначает чью-либо способность сделать что-то или владение навыком, умение.

В тесте вам нужно выбрать правильную форму этого глагола, в зависимости от ситуации в предложении. Будьте внимательны, в тесте используется выражение be able to (суметь, смочь).

_____ you read when you were 5?
We _____ call you yesterday, because the connection was bad.
He _____ arrive at the party in time, even after missing the train.
John is great! He _____ speak five languages!
I _____ swim until I was 20. Then I moved to the sea, so I had to learn.
I looked everywhere for my pen but I _____ find it.
We searched for that book for ages. At last we _____ find it.
The girl is 7, but she _____ read yet. Her parents are getting her extra lessons.
She _____ studied at the university, but she decided to work.
James _____ speak Japanese when he lived in Japan, but he's forgotten most of it now.
I _____ understand how to do the task for our homework. It was so difficult.
I _____ help you tomorrow. I’ll be in the country with my family.
Ginny _____ come to the party. She’s away now.
I _____ play football very well. I have a lot of experience playing with my brothers.
I _____ fix the car. What am I going to do?
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