Тест: какой английский предлог выбрать

тест на знание английских предлогов

Проверьте себя на знание английских предлогов: at, in, on, to, about, under, for, in the middle.

I will come _____ you as soon as possible.
Don't stop _____ the shop.
What is there _____ your bag?
These cups are _____ the table.
We sit _____ the big table when we have dinner.
Ted will tell you _____ this case.
Will we go to Germany _____ holidays?
I will wait for you _____ the station.
My brother is _____ his room.
Look down. The bag is _____ the table.
I bought these flowers _____ you.
Put these books _____ the shelf.
I will fly _____ London.
My house is _____ of two streets.

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