Тест: неопределенные местоимения в английском

Тест: неопределенные местоимения в английском

К английским неопределенным местоимениям относятся some (и его производные something, somebody и т.д.), any (и его производные anything, anybody и т.д.), no (и его производные nothing, nobody и т.д.), а также many, much, few, little.

Если вам необходимо повторить тему, прочитайте статью Some, Any, No в английском языке, изучите примеры, а затем возвращайтесь к тесту.

Don't blame yourself for the mistake. _____ is perfect.
There is _____ in your hair. I think it is a bug.
He didn't say _____ useful. All nonsense.
I would like to have _____ to drink please.
I will do _____ for you. We are not friends anymore.
Why are you looking at me so angrily? I didn't do _____ wrong.
Look I've found _____ interesting here. Oh, it’s a button.
She did _____ . She just slept all day long.
There is _____ I can’t tell you. I will keep it as a secret all my life.
The glass is empty. _____ drank my orange juice.
Do you know _____ who has got red hair?
_____ is wrong with my mobile because I can’t hear you.
All my friends are ill. _____ is healthy.
The music is too loud. I can’t hear _____ .
_____ is looking at us. It's Sarah.

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