Тест: какой английский предлог выбрать (для уровня elementary)

тест на знание английских предлогов

Проверьте себя на знание английских предлогов: with, without, over, from, about, between, among, in the middle, to, for, in.

Look! There's a rainbow _____ the river.
Kenny is _____ the USA.
I can't live _____ my family.
Will you go to the shop _____ me?
Is Jack _____ your friends?
Which one will you choose _____ these two dresses?
Let's speak _____ your birthday party.
Who is this letter _____?
Whose book is _____ of the shelf?
I can't find a document _____ my papers.
Send this card _____ your parents.
There's a wallet _____ my bag.
We're sitting _____ my car.
Are you leaving tomorrow _____ six?
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