Тест: английские местоимения (для уровня Elementary)

тест на знание английских местоимений

Проверьте себя на знание личных, объектных и притяжательных местоимений в английском. Тест подходит для уровня Elementary.

They bought a one-week trip to London for _____. We were very happy!
Is it _____ cat? - Yes, this is my cat. Its name is Fluffy.
_____ parents are arriving tomorrow, so we're going to cook something delicious for dinner.
We're going to buy some food. Will you go with _____?
It's Jane's pen. Give it to _____.
Can _____ help me with my homework? - Yes, I can.
The weather is fantastic, so _____ will go for a walk. Let's go together!
Jerry is _____ best friend. He is always with him.
_____ anniversary is in a week. Don't forget to congratulate them!
What's _____ name? - My name is Jenny.
Where is the bank? - I think _____ is on Oxford Street.
James went to the game with _____. We had a wonderful day!
Did _____ see that film? - No, I didn't.
The cup is on the table. Take _____.
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