Тест: английские слова much, many, few

тест по английским словам much, many, few

Английские слова much, many, few нужны для обозначения количества объектов, когда конкретное их число не называется.

Much означает "много" и употребляется с неисчисляемыми существительными; many также означает "много", но употребляется только с исчисляемыми существительными; few обозначает "мало" и употребляется с исчисляемыми существительными.

I don't have _____ time.
I have got _____ friends, but they're really close to me.
I have _____ respect for him.
Unfortunately, they have _____ ideas to solve this problem.
I don't have _____ to say. I know very little.
I didn't sleep very _____ .
The news created _____ emotions.
There aren't _____ days left before the trip.
I don't like him very _____ .
There were only _____ people there yesterday.
There's _____ snow in winter.
The students made _____ mistakes. What a pity!
We didn't drink _____ coffee.
Are there _____ new teachers at school?
There were only _____ books on the topic at that bookshop.

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