Тест: что поставить mustn't или don't have to

тест: в чем разница между mustn't и don't have to

В чём разница между глаголами mustn't и don't have to?

Mustn't – сокращённая форма от must not, что выражает запрет и означает "нельзя делать что-то". Don't have to – "необязательно делать что-то", то есть можно сделать, но нет особой необходимости, вы не обязаны.

Проверьте себя!

You _____ leave your bags unattended. They will be stolen.
You _____ come if you don't want to.
You _____ speak to him like that. It's rude.
I _____ postpone this any longer. It is getting urgent.
We _____ be there until 8. We have plenty of time.
You _____ pay by cheque. You can pay online with your credit card.
You _____ be late for your interview.
We _____ pay now. We can pay when we get there.
You _____ have a visa if you have a European passport.
You _____ make so much noise. You'll wake up the baby.
We have a lot of work tomorrow. You _____ be late.
You _____ tell anyone what I just told you. It's a secret.
The museum is free. You _____ pay to get in.
Children _____ tell lies. It's very naughty.
John's a millionaire. He _____ go to work.
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