Тест: местоимения some, any, no

тест по местоимениям some, any, no

Some, any, no - неопределенные английские местоимения, которые показывают небольшое количество объектов, не называя их.

Если вам нужно вспомнить эту тему, посмотрите статью Some, Any, No в английском языке, изучите примеры и возвращайтесь к тесту.

Is there _____ juice in the fridge?
I have _____ friends in Chicago. I miss them.
There are _____ mistakes in that test. Good job!
You can choose _____ dress you like.
Can I have _____ more coffee?
There aren't _____ eggs in the fridge. Let's go to the shop and buy.
There is _____ tea at home. We have to go to the shop.
Are you hungry? There's _____ chicken in the fridge.
Did you see _____ friends while you were in Madrid?
Do you have _____ brothers or sisters?
Would you like _____ chocolate?
We sell _____ clothes here. You should go to the shop on the opposite side of the street.
Do you have _____ money with you?
I don't have _____ ideas about what he said.
_____ students come late to the university.
I forgot to take _____ books in the library.
Do you want _____ tea?
I don't need _____ help.
Do you have _____ time for me today?
This job will take _____ time.
Jack wants _____ more wine. He'll drive his car in the evening.
Do you have _____ good films at home?
I have _____ news for you.
I heard about his story in _____ tv show.
_____ people never say please or thank you.
Listen, I have _____ advice for you.
Have you got _____ books on History of China?
Our boss needs _____ time to think over your offer.

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