Тест: указательные местоимения this, that, these, those

тест на указательные местоимения this, that, these, those

Указательные местоимения нужны для обозначения конкретного объекта (человека, животного или предмета). This и these относятся к объектам, находящимся неподалеку. That и those - к объектам, находящимся на некотором расстоянии. При этом this и that используются для указания единственного числа, а these и those - множественного.

Если вам необходимо повторить тему, прочитайте статью This, That, These, Those, изучите примеры, а затем возвращайтесь к тесту.

_____ questions are difficult. Can you help me?
Pass me _____ pencils. They are on the desk.
Look! I have _____ photo of Joan in my wallet.
_____ are my sisters, Olivia and Jenny. - Nice to meet you!
Who’s _____ person at the end of the street?
Look at _____ clouds.
Come here. Look at _____ picture.
Come here. Is _____ your key?
Pass me _____ magazine, please.
_____ is my brother, Jack.
Give me _____ books, please.
Look at _____ magazine here. It’s great.
Can you pass me _____ book beside you, please?
_____ flowers over there are not expensive.
_____ workers are more productive than those ones.
He doesn't like _____ shoes here. Those ones there appear more like his style.
How much is _____ dress here?
_____ is my favourite movie, not this one.
I want _____ books not these ones.
This book isn't very good, but _____ book is great.
Look at _____ plane flying high above us.

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