Тест: глагол to be в прошедшем времени

глагол to be в прошедшем времени тест

Глагол "быть" или "существовать" в английском языке имеет огромное значение: он выступает в качестве глагола-связки между подлежащим и другими элементами в предложении.

Проверьте себя на знание прошедших форм английского глагола "быть" с помощью этого теста. Но сначала повторите образование форм в статье про глагол to be.

I _____ at home.
We _____ in the cinema.
Jeremy _____ tired.
My parents _____ in Germany.
Ken and Ted _____ at school.
They _____ in the garden.
I _____ in London.
She _____ very hungry.
I _____ at my granny's house last week.
Jim _____ ill.
I _____ at the theatre yesterday.
Ted _____ at the university last week.
Harry _____ in the country in summer.
We _____ in the USA last summer.
You _____ a student last year.
John's children _____ at school last weekend.
I _____ at home yesterday.
Jenny _____ tired yesterday.
You _____ at the hospital last week.
He _____ in Russia in winter.
_____ you in the garden with friends? Yes, I was.
_____ John at school on Monday? No, he _____ not.
_____ they in Germany last week? No, they _____ not.
_____ she ill last week? Yes, she _____.
_____ you at the concert on Friday? No, I was not.
_____ he at Julie's party last weekend? Yes, he _____.
_____ your parents at the bank yesterday? Yes, they _____.
_____ Jina and Julie in the swimming pool in the afternoon? No, they _____ not.
_____ she in the office on Saturday? No, she _____ not.
_____ your children in the yard on Sunday? No, they _____ not.

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