What is your learning style?

What is your learning style?

Have you ever studied a language in a group of students? Then you know how hard it may be to progress when there are different people but only one study approach. One can understand while reading or writing, another one wants to listen carefully before remembering new words, and you maybe like to speak a lot. Sometimes you even need more time to get the information, but others make it quickly. And the opposite. So, there are many people and many ways to teach and study.

If you really want to see progress in your foreign language skills, it's high time you found out your study type and made this information useful. Your learning style influences the way you get, remember and later use the information. Let's go!


Description: you enjoy listening to music and dialogues in a foreign language. You remember new phrases much faster when listening to your teacher or some audio.

Recommendations: listen to native speakers regularly using a range of materials like TV shows, radio plays, audio books. Try to copy speakers' pronunciation and record yourself to check if you pronounce it correctly. Discuss what you listened to with your friends and your teacher.


Description: your prefer to see new words on the paper so usually, you write them down. You can make an image of a new word in your head and remember it easily.

Recommendations: make schemes, diagrams for grammar topics and pictures for new words. Get a vocabulary notebook and fix everything you learn in a proper way: put down synonyms, antonyms, or sentences with new words. Reread your notes during the day and make new phrases aloud. Don't forget about making cards with new words. Also, put sticky notes on some objects at home or at the office.

Active Participant

Description: you like putting all you know into practice. And that's awesome, you know! You don't like slowly reading, writing or learning. You need to check it in life as soon as possible.

Recommendations: stay active. Make your studies fun and interesting. Find a native speaker and some friends to speak with every day. Discuss everything and regularly arrange special language speaking meetups.

Thoughtful Student

Description: you prefer to study by yourself than in a group of students. Just seat, read and write without any hurry. Individual lessons are the best for you.

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Recommendations: when you learn something, discuss it with your tutor and make lots of examples. Don't hesitate to ask your teacher for help. You need it! Be sure that you train and practise all language aspects like reading, speaking, listening and writing altogether. Find time for analysing but don't put off language practice. If you start from scratch, make it step by step. Firstly write a short message about yourself on a language exchange site. Continue to communicate this way. And little by little you'll come to a speaking practice.

So, what is your learning style? Any ideas? Share in the comments!

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